Hollow Core Doors

For as long as we can remember, hollow core doors have been the traditional standard doors for most average households.

Because of their lightweight composition, they are generally only used inside the house as harsh weather from the outside could do significant damage to these doors.

These doors are mainly installed for use in bathrooms and bedrooms and sometimes as wardrobe doors. 

Hollow Core Doors - Rooms

What Are The Advantages Of Hollow Core Doors?

✔ Light and easy to transport

✔ Highly suitable for internal doors

✔ Easy to repaint and repair if necessary

What Is On The Inside Of These Types of Doors?

While the name implies the door is hollow, most doors have a honeycomb fibreboard inside to strengthen the door.

At times other fillers are used, like cardboard. This means the door is not 100% hollow, but these doors are not solid throughout like a standard timber or steel door. This ensures that the door does not bend or start to warp over time and use.

Hollow Core Doors - Burglar

Although these doors have fibreboard as reinforcement from warping, they can easily be damaged with a sharp object or even by using your fist to punch right through the door.

From a safety point of view, it would be easy for an intruder to gain access into your home, so that is another reason they are best used in the interior.

Are These Doors Very Light?

The material of these doors is very light, so they are easy to transport. Even though they are not solid throughout and light, they do serve a purpose.

These doors offer a sense of privacy, as you are still able to close the door in a specific room off to the rest of a space.

The weight of the door makes it easy to work with and also allows for easy door installation. Unfortunately, these doors provide limited soundproof qualities.

Are They Affordable?

For the more budget-conscious customer, these doors are very affordable.

As you don’t have to outlay too much on doors, you can save a little in this area and then spend money on other upgrades to your home. Hollow-core doors cost much less than solid wooden doors.

Due to their hollow core, these doors are less likely to contract or expand with the heat and the cold.

Saving Money With Hollow Core Doors

Customers also choose to install these doors into their kitchens, as an example, for use as a pantry door.

Because the doors are so lightweight, it is not advisable to refurbish them as the likelihood of sanding them down to repaint them is not high.

Naturally, you can repaint them. More often than not, these doors are pre-primed before they are fitted. This makes the painting of the door much more straightforward.

Repainting Hollow Core Doors

Hollow-core doors can easily be maintained using the correct tools.

If your door is damaged, or if something has pierced through the door, it can be repaired easily and quickly.

This Sums It Up

Hollow core doors are an ideal choice for your internal doors.

As they are lightweight, practical, affordable and easy to install, these doors look great in any room of your house.

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