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Professional Exterior door Installation in Perth and Surrounding Regions with Octopus Doors

Exterior Door Installation Services Perth

You exterior door is essential to the basic structure of your home; they provide safety, make a great first impression and gives your home an extra touch of your character. Not to mention, it is the first thing that grasps your visitors’ attention, so you have to choose a qualified and experienced external door installer to help you select and install the right external door. Every homeowner wishes to have a fitting and attractive front door, so choosing the style of your entrance door can be difficult. However, don’t worry because Octopus Doors is here to help with your external door installation Perth.

At Octopus Doors, we have experience, professional training and expert skills to perform top-quality jobs in all areas of Perth WA. Front door installation is not an easy task and it requires technical skills, extensive knowledge and understanding, as well as experience. So, if you are looking to install highly functional, durable and attractive external doors in Perth, contact Octopus Doors today!

Once you contact us, we’ll visit and evaluate your door installation needs in order to create a free quote. We’ll accurately measure your door size, provide you with image samples of different door designs to choose from and advice you on any other possible issues. For example, your door frame and hinge might need replacement, depending on the door designs you pick.

At Octopus Doors, we are ready to transform the overall look of your home, through our professional door installation service in Perth WA. Our expert approach means that we won’t be satisfied until we meet all your needs and demands. Ready to install new external doors in your home? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and quote.

We are providing our services all Perth WA areas Baldivis, Rockingham, Fremantle, Mandurah.

What to consider during external door installation?


Outside dark doorThere are many factor to consider when buying door materials and choosing the right door installation in Perth, WA. Although, if you don’t have a clue about which door to select and what to do with your door installation services, Octopus Doors can help you make the right decision. Here are some important elements to consider when choosing your exterior doors.


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Door design

Design is the first factor to consider when installing doors into their home. Most homeowners want door designs that will make their homes appealing and unique, and of course, want entries that match a home’s exterior and interior decor.

 Octopus Doors supplies doors to all area of Perth, so no matter your location, we have the perfect door designs to match your style. To determine your design, we look at the age of your property and come up with various plans to complement your home. Get ready to work with us and enjoy some of the custom designs making home is Perth unique and appealing.

Door colour

The colour of your door installation will have a significant impact on the overall looks of your exterior doors. People have different colour preferences and home styles, so what works for one may not work at all for another. That’s why at Octopus Doors we understand that colour is a huge factor to consider when choosing doors and doorframe designs.


To have a lasting impression, you should choose a colour that compliments your home and brings out the best in its surrounding features. Even if you decide to make a bold statement, it is crucial you match your existing decor and style to create a perfect finishing result. Get in touch with Octopus Doors and we will help you with all your door struggles. Not to mention, if you need a brand new door, our team is ready to craft it according your taste and home’s style at an affordable and budget-friendly price.

Door security

Security door openSecurity is another critical factor to consider when planning to install an external or front door, especially if you unfortunately live in an areas where crime tends to be high. In such cases, doors made of metal may be your best choice, however even materials like wood can offer you an ample amount of protection and provide a great secure door.


Installing alarm systems is a great way to boost security, however having a secure door will make sure any burglars are at bay. At Octopus, we can supply quality doors made from high-performance materials, meaning less problems in the future and more secure doors. Contact our team to arrive at your home and conduct a site evaluation, so we can recommend the best choice for your exterior doors in Perth.

Overall Quality

Although, it is vital to work with your budget, overlooking the condition of your doors is not a great start. Quality is an essential factor and in order to match affordable prices and high-quality doors, Octopus Doors is here to help. Our high quality materials and build means excellent insulation, construction, and maximum security. On the other hand, choosing a low quality door means little insulation, poor structure, lack of security and many future problems; not to mention, probably having to replace your door sooner, which means you pay more. By choosing Octopus doors you will have a variety of exterior door designs to choose from a budget-friendly and affordable prices, as well as high-performance, durable doors in your home.


Door materials

There are a wide range of material you can choose from when it comes to your doors, whether its aluminum, fiberglass or wood, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. While wooden doors have an aesthetic feel and present you with a lower up-front cost, some others, such as fibreglass, mimic the look of the smooth wood and have more insulation than wooden doors.

Choosing the material for your door will determines its longevity and durability. For instance, even though a door is appealing, you may select a material that warps, crack or twist easily, which is a major disadvantage in the long run and will cost you for repairs and replacements. If you need any advice for choosing the perfect material for your door, contact us and we’ll send you a free consultation to fulfil your needs.

Why to choose professionals to install a external door in Perth?


Why choose us?

If you are looking for a well-fitted door, you have come to the right place, because Octopus Door will provide you with a professional service of functional, secure, durable and attractive external door for your home. By establishing ourselves in the door installation industry for ten years and having installed hundreds of doors in Perth, we have mastered our way of work. Aside from our quality service, we offer competitive prices and supply durable materials. Our team is insured and highly-trained to perform any external door installation in Perth, WA.


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Quick installation with an immaculate finish. Makes me want to redo the whole house! Sandra N., Fremantle
The work these guys did was fantastic, and they were cheery good-natured guests! Jayden T., Osborne Park
I am pleased with the decision of replacing my doors. The new ones have really added style to the interior. I can’t believe what a difference it makes. Clare G., Armadale
Totally professional from the moment they got here until the moment they left. Even helped me choose a custom paint ahead of time. We couldn’t have made a better choice. I love these guys! Jennifer T., Perth
My old skirting boards were a mess after raising 3 boys. I hired Octopus Doors to replace them and am genuinely impressed with both the quality of product and service. Fantastic work, highly recommended! Corey M., Midland

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